Friday, July 5, 2013

Blueberries Bring Love

This past week has been busy keeping up with the explosion of blueberries from our seven bushes.  Our first home came complete with a blueberry patch off the deck.  That was an added bonus.  I look forward to this time each year when my first duty of the day is picking the largest, juiciest berries at sunrise before the birds get the best.  Since there are plenty to go around, I leave the smaller berries for our feathered friends to enjoy.

I feel so decadent with all the blueberries.  I'm eating them all the time: in yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, salads, pancakes, and just by the bowlful like popcorn.  It's also a great reason to invite family and friends over for berry picking.

Looking forward to my mom, aunt and uncle's visit on Sunday.  We plan on a cookout with ribeye steaks, corn on the cob, my aunt's highly demanded and delicious French onion chip dip (my husband's favorite ever, so he says) and Mom's heavenly creation of baked apples on puffed pastry.  I plan on adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a handful of blueberries and calling it a great day.  We will also be doing a traditional Hungarian appetizer on the grill that I can't wait to share.  Hint: it has bacon in it.

I also can't wait for two beloved friends who will both be bringing their adorable toddler daughters over here this week to pick berries and make jam.
What a wonderful season!


  1. Mhmmm! I like blueberries, too! This year we have only a few - the weather was too rainy and too cold this spring. Enjoy yours! :-)
    Greetings from Germany

  2. I wish I could send you some! Sorry about your poor weather. Last year we had none because it got too hot too quickly.
    Thanks for reading!