Saturday, September 6, 2014

Grilled or Roasted Corn with Violet Balsamic Vinegar

This is an incredible taste explosion not to be missed.  It even gives the corn a more distinctive flavor the next day warmed or in a cold salad.  Violet Balsamic is the way to go for unforgettable corn on the cobb, or straight off it.  The Olive Scene's Violet Balsamic is highly suggested.  If that is not to be found, the best balsamic you can find will compensate.  I've done it on the grill and in the oven.  Can't say it's the right way, but can say this was my way on how it was done.

The phrase "violet balsamic vinegar" was never in my vocabulary until I visited The Olive Scene, a local shop with only the best oils and vinegars available in this area.  Upon tasting it I knew I had to buy at least a $6 mini bottle to see what I could create.  Tasting the mellow sweetness gave me the hint it would go with just about anything from veggie salads, fruit salads to brush-on flavors for meat.  However, I wanted to find something truly distinguishable.

Hearkening to art history courses in high school and college, I remembered colors have opposites; therefore, the opposite is complementary.  So, I thought the best balsamic to brush on the golden yellow corn was the violet infused.

I have to say, it was some of the best corn I've ever had using this technique and vinegar.

I'm unsure and do not care if my color/flavor theory will hold in any scientific or gastronomic circles.  I'm elated it's given my husband and I a distinct flavor for a seasonal treat.

preheat oven or closed grill to 300 - 400 degrees F

Shuck corn and put in bowl or bag to soak the ears for at least 30 minutes.

Combine 1 part olive oil and two parts violet balsamic or regular balsamic in small bowl.  Mix well each time you brush the corn.

Set each corn ear in it's own square of tin foil.  Brush well mixed vinaigrette onto and between kernels.

 Wrap in foil and set on rack as one would do with baked potatoes.

For grill:  wrap in foil and set on top grate, closed lid on low (about 300-400), for 40 minutes

For oven: preheated oven (between 300 - 400) for 30 - 40 minutes

The Olive Scene: a Foodie's Shopping Spree and Dream Come True

It's so much easier for a home chef to make incredible meals when the best ingredients are available.  The Olive Scene is the place I go for the best olive oil and vinegars I've been able to find.

Northern Ohio Foodies definitely need to visit one of their three locations or their booth at local farmer's markets.  Anyone from out of town reading this will be happy to know they can keep reading and visit their website because they can ship just about anywhere.  

If you are a local and plan a visit, consider you are taking your taste buds on a roller coaster of flavor.  You can taste everything from basil infused olive oil to violet balsamic vinegar.  Professional associates will be happy to help with suggestions and have recipes on their website.

Their olive oils are global award winners and certified UP - Ultra Premium.

And, the vinegars - the balsamic vinegars - are divine.  Their traditional 18 year aged balsamic is the best I've had, in my kitchen and my life - it's just that good.  I have used it on it's own instead of a balsamic reduction because it's just about syrupy and bold enough to stand on it's own.  I bought my first bottle last year and I can no longer imagine buying any other balsamic.  I have in the past year but, even where I can find oil almost as good, I have never found anything that compares to Olive Scene's vinegars.  Imagine tasting the best wine or beer you ever had.  Then, imagine your next glass of wine from a box or a cheap tasting light beer, even though it wasn't cheap.  This is what home cooks will feel once they try Olive Scene's balsamic.

The wonder doesn't stop there.  They have infused their distinctively delicious balsamics (both dark and white) with a huge variety of flavors.  This home chef calls their shops
My new Olive Scene haul, except for the truffle oil I still had from the last trip
a playground of possibilities.

They have every type of vinegar you can think of, and haven't.  $6 mini bottles opens the door for lots of creativity for each course.  Coconut white balsamic?  I thought of a zippy mango salsa right away.  However, there were too many others I had to take home with me.  The coconut will unfortunately have to wait until my next visit, along with at least six others I wanted to bring home for experiments.  After tastings and suggestions by a trio of several nice associates, I tasted balsamic vinegars infused with blackberry and ginger, (sold),  black cherry (sold), strawberry (sold) and violet (sold).

My head was already racing with possibilities on how to use this new palette.  An associate who turned me onto the violet balsamic vinegar suggested the strawberry balsamic goes extremely well with tomatoes.  What a great idea!  I also told her I intended to use the strawberry vinegar in my next batch of strawberry jam; I told her I have used their regular balsamic in the past and it's really made the jam POP.  

Can't wait to get started posting about my vinegar adventures.