Thursday, March 28, 2013

Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Though I don't have her book(yet), I have made her authentic recipe four delicious times using this step-by-step breakdown.  Especially for someone who has never made this before, I'd recommend this site, especially because you can automatically customize the recipe by how many you need to serve.

And, especially if it's your first time making this, do yourself a favor - follow EACH STEP IN ORDER, and don't skimp.  Take the time and be proud that you are making a classic just the way Julia would want you to.  Splurge on a $10-$15 bottle of French wine, and fresh ingredients.  I used frozen pearl onions in my third creation, in order to save some time.  It was still excellent, but, I was spoiled with the flavor and texture the fresh onions offered.  My husband and I may not have known the difference if I had made it twice before with frozen onions, but we did.   On the fourth time, and probably the fifth to the 50th, I will schedule the added time to prepare fresh pearl onions and welcome the extra steps it takes.

Because of that slight alteration, we are happy that we have used the same wine each time.
This isn't the suggested wine as no brands are specified; it's just the Bordeaux we used in my first go.  I am sure that any decent one will do.  However, the beauty and flavor of wine differs, even if it's a different Bordeaux.  I guess that the flavor will vary depending on brand and even vintage.  We may dare try another when I make it for the fifth time; but, for now, we are happy finding our 'signature' wine for our 'signature' flavor.

Try a Bordeaux (or similar) and stick with it to make your signature Boeuf, or, be daring and try a different wine each time.

I wish the photo of the meal looked as good as it tasted.  We had a dinner party for five with this meal, and we devoured a recipe made for eight.

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