Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introduction and Intention

I am a lucky soul for having found two passions in my so-called 'later life,'  cooking and true love.

I've always loved good food (who doesn't) and hosted occasional dinner parties in my 20s with a few easy, one-hit wonders I picked up from waiting tables fresh out of college.  I was far too busy in my career and social life to stay home to cook, or to settle down in a serious relationship.

It wasn't until my 30's when passions began to change.  I became my grandmother's live-in caretaker, where I had the opportunity to observe and help her make my childhood favorites - her Hungarian recipes and her version of classic favorites to the tunes of Big Band music on the oldies radio station.  Mom lived down the street from her, so I had the opportunity to appreciate and learn from her more than I did when I was a child, when I thought it was a simple, inherited trait to make food magically tasty by just waving a wand or 'mom' credentials.  Plus, the memories of the three of us rolling stuffed cabbage or making Christmas cookies are some of my most cherished experiences.  Learning the art of creating good food for those you love, with the ones you love had a profound impact on me.  It made me care more about what I was making, and more about those I was making it for.

Soon after Grandma had to go to a nursing facility, I happened to meet the love of my life.  Actually, we had already been friends for three years, and he has given accounts on remembering me in the 80's as a teen sipping a coffee on Coventry, the area in Cleveland Heights where many gather for coffee, music, art and great food.  I did feel like I knew this soul for years.  I felt the warm, connected feeling I did as I was cooking for others I loved.

I became so excited about cooking dinner for my new love.  We made it more fun by shopping together.  Then, I'd cook while he played music or read passages from his favorite books.   It was (and is) a beautiful way to share our love.

In our late 30s, we married.  It's been a fun and tasty journey that I am proud to share.

I look forward to sharing creations I've tried from my treasured cookbooks, ethnic traditions and classic favorites from my family, as well as my husband's.

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