Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easiest Way to Make Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Making tasty, fresh mozzarella cheese is easier than you think, especially with this 30 minute method.
 I tried two other 'traditional' methods I found online.  I can see where these methods were necessary in the process and most likely had spectacular results for the seasoned at-home cheese maker with a double boiler, curd cutting knife, etc.  This newbie came upon humorous, lumpy and tasteless results.

This method was the easiest and tastiest.   All you need is milk, distilled water, citric acid and rennet.  Citric acid can most likely be found in the section of canning materials at most local groceries and even big box stores.  Or, you can buy it online along with your tablet or liquid rennet, which may be the only place you will find rennet to buy.

You will also need a cooking thermometer and thick dishwashing gloves.  

Don't skimp on the salt.  Without salt, any cheese will only taste like hard milk.  

Hey, that sounds like a cool band name: Hard Milk.  That now ranks up there with the other name for my fantasy rock band, The Meaty Bits, inspired by our cats' favorite canned food.

Whole milk of course works best.  2% will be a bit more like string cheese; just a bit.

DO NOT use ultra pasteurized milk for ANY cheese you try to make.

Distilled water IS the best, for this and any cheese you try to make, especially at the beginner stage like me.

Here is the link to my favorite, easiest mozz recipe.  I divided it by half and came up with the photo you see.



  1. Charlene, thanks for the tips on making fresh mozzarella and the link to the recipe. Looks good in your photo! Hard Milk would be a cool band name. Like The Meaty Bits too, very clever!

  2. Hard Milk -- love it! I'm wondering if any liquor companies will latch on to that and start mixing milk and alcohol. Yum? And that cheese looks great. I love mozzarella. I might strike up the courage to try that recipe!