Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dogs in Blankets (aka Pigs in Blankets)

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't think of anything to make for dinner?

 I've had one of those days for almost a week now.  Sure, I can think of lots of things to make.  I have trusted and true standbys we both love, as well as a dozen cookbooks with more than a few dozen red Post-It tabs which scream to me,

"You REALLY wanted to make this, remember?  That's why it's marked in red!"

Sometimes, though I know these recipes calling are out to me - casseroles and soups just waiting to be discovered and introduced to others.  Cakes and muffins ask to finally be acknowledged.  Roasts and gratins wait patiently to get promoted from a red tag to blue, meaning I have completed the recipe.

Yet, I ignore them all.  The cooking side of my brain goes on vacation.  Sometimes for a few weeks, and sometimes a long weekend is all my cooking spirit needs to get recharged.  In the meantime, there's our favorite Mexican restaurants, a decent place for pizza, and quick, brainless meals like this.

I didn't plan on this tonight, nor have I made it before.  And, I can't remember any time I've ever had Pigs in a Blanket.  I call this Dogs in Blankets instead of pigs because there was no pork in the hot dogs.

And, I'm not promoting this as a healthy dish AT ALL.  Meals like this are hardly in our menu, especially when I cook at home.  My husband loves hot dogs, I've never been crazy about them.  I'll have one at a baseball game in the Summer, and/or grilled out at a friend's, then I'm good until the next year.  Even though my husband loves them, it doesn't mean I make them for him all the time.

Today was one of those special occasions.  It's been one of the first few warm and sunny days we've had, so I got one of his favorite grilling options - 100% beef hot dogs.  We planned to grill out but didn't due to a variety of factors - first is that the grill is allllll the way back in the garage behind a LOT of stuff.  And, since our deck is midway into weatherproofing, there was no need to drag it all the way out and not to be able to permanently place it where it should be.  Hubby doesn't get many full Saturdays off; so, I cancelled the grill plans and let him nap on and off in his "Strato-Cruiser," his name for his eggplant purple recliner, his favorite color.

So, I was left with hot dogs ready to go without much else except the spinach salad I already prepared.  Neither of us like boiled hot dogs.  I didn't have anything else thawed from the freezer.  As I gazed hopelessly into the fridge and wishing I didn't have to go back the store to pick up french bread pizzas, I saw the can of  Pilsbury Grands Biscuits I was saving to make a version of spinach pies.  I remembered seeing all kinds of creations with biscuit and crescent dough on Pinterest.  I remembered seeing 'mummies' at Halloween - hot dogs with biscuit mix rolled around and baked.  My husband loves hot dogs wrapped in pretzel dough, so thought an experiment with this may be fun and hopefully tasty.

I didn't bother trying to roll them like a mummy.  Hubby was between naps and overdue for something to eat.  So, this is what I did:

Preheat oven to 350 f
One package of 8 Grands Biscuits
One package of 8 of your favorite hot dogs or sausage

Optional: shredded cheese, jalapeno, diced onions

On the side: ketchup, mustard, relish

Line a medium to large cookie sheet with parchment paper or foil.

Release biscuits from can and GENTLY pull them to the length of the hot dog.  Gently widen it to look like an oval or bottom of a hot dog bun.

If you wish, sprinkle cheese, peppers and/or onions onto bottom.

Place dog or sausage in middle, pull sides up and pinch together.

Bake between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on your oven.  Mine took 18 until the golden brown color was visible.  Let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy.


  1. You could still conjure those even though you had a cook's block!

  2. You see, that's where you win hands down Charlene. Even if you suffered from cook's block, just by thinking a little, you could in all reality put a 2 minute tasty high quality meal together without issue. You may not want to do a 2 hour dish but you know exactly what ingredients go together to make a meal taste like it's just been dropped down from heaven :)

    Now come to RPD, if I got cook's block, I will be very hungry indeed. I would suffer for sure. I would end up down the cafe :(
    I must get this quick recipe down, so I don't have problems later. Thanks Charlene.

  3. Charlene, this was a TOTAL flavor flashback for me. I remember my mom making pigs in blankets sometimes on Sunday mornings, and my brothers and sisters and I all loved them. I have to admit, I do love a good hot dog, preferably grilled, but any old way will do. When my boys were young, I'd sometimes makes dogs in blankets for them, baked up nice and golden brown, loaded with gooey cheese, sliced cross-wise, and served with mustard and a nice little bowl of fresh fruit. I call meals like this, "Dinners of Desperation." After many years of standing in front of the fridge, wondering what I was going to cook, I've become a master at reworking leftovers and combining odd ingredients into something that not only edible, but delicious. That's probably what I love most about cooking...the opportunity for wild creativity!

  4. Ah, hot dogs! What memories I have of hot dogs, growing up a stone's throw from Coney Island's famous Nathans. It seems like they were the staple food of my youth. I've been a vegetarian for eons now, but the memory of a Nathan's hot dog overflowing with mustard and sauerkraut still remains.

  5. i have been having this kind of mood for over 3 weeks! i visited most of fast food restaurants where i had never visited since i lived here. some of them are good though.
    great recipe for hot dog and hope one day i would make some.
    thanks again for your visiting and commenting on my blogs!

  6. I haven't made pigs in a blanket in YEARS! Now I want some. I like the adult version you made here with the zesty twist inside. How fun!