Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Version of Buffalo Chicken Dip (lower fat, too)

After referencing a few Buffalo Chicken Dip recipes, I decided to 'wing' it on my own.  Most were similar, so I was confident in altering it a bit to suit the number of guests and their tastes.  I also took the advice from two friends who make this extremely scrumptious - use rotisserie chicken.  It's got extra flavor already baked in.  One of those friends have also poached chicken breasts (which cuts more calories).  Both friends have told me to stay away from canned chicken.  I've had this dip with canned chicken.  It's not bad if you have some on hand and need to make something in a pinch, but, fresh chicken will give it a signature 'wow' factor.

Plus, fresh is cheaper.  For example, typical dip recipes call for two cans of chicken, which are around $3 or more.  So, $6 for two cups of chicken, when you can get about 3 cups from a rotisserie chicken for around $5.

This is a spicy but smooth dish.  My choice of music was some Bossa Nova since it's like salt and pepper - it goes with almost anything.  However, this appetizer is a twist on a favorite in sports bars and corner taverns, and, you're making this for friends and family.  Play a classic favorite of yours that reminds you of good times with the folks you are making it for.

Preheat oven to 350

3 cups of shredded, rotisserie chicken.

3/4 cups light ranch dressing

3/4 cups hot sauce (I used Franks)

1 8oz package of light cream cheese.

Melt and stir cream cheese in a saucepan on low.

As it's almost smooth, add dressing and hot sauce.

Blend until smooth.

Add chicken.

Pour into shallow baking or pie dish.

Bake 20 minutes, or until hot and bubbly.  Don't let it get too brown, unless that's your intention.

I made this for 13 of us at Easter and it was devoured.  We didn't miss the cheese or its extra calories, as most of the recipes call for.  We enjoyed the extra kick of the extra sauce

I made this the night before and it warmed easily in my brother's microwave to serve (3 minutes, then stir, 3 minutes, stir, until hot).  And, I swear, it tasted better the next day.

This appetizer was a huge hit with my family.  And now, the secret is out that I made it with lower-fat ingredients.

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