Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mega Fajita Value

Wow! We had some tasty fajitas for an incredible value.

We LOVE Mexican food.  We've loved it before our only trip to Cozumel a few years ago and we now love it even more.  Fortunately we have several excellent Mexican restaurants close by.  One offers a Deluxe Fajita for Two for $18.95, about $20 with tax.

I have never seen a larger fajita skillet.  It was like a large pizza pan.  Fajitas for two?  More like fajitas for six!  Seriously!

Sizziling on top of it was a mountain combination of chicken, chorizo sausage, pork, steak,  and shrimp on the side.  I'm allergic to shellfish.  My husband was fine doing without shrimp, but the server was gracious enough to offer his shrimp to be cooked and served separately.  Also included were the signature onions, peppers and tomatoes. Thankfully, the veggies were done just to our taste - crisp and not too soggy.

It was such a value, we got a total of 13 fajitas within three days.

I already had a package of 10 flour tortillas at home, which cost .99.  I also had some shredded cheese and other items to add to them.  We were able to make EIGHT fajitas at home with the leftovers for dinner last night and lunch today.

I'm quite surprised that we got so much for leftovers.  Yes, it looked big, but we were loading up our tortillas at the restaurant, especially my husband.  I had two, he had three.

He admits that he may have been able to have one or two more fajitas at the restaurant if it wasn't for all the chips and salsa we had, plus the Queso Fundito con Chorizo - melted cheese with spicy sausage, served with soft flour tortillas.  It was so good, it should almost be illegal.

We told our server that this should be called fajitas for six.  He laughed, then told us of one customer who was a big guy, more tall and muscle than fat he says, ate a full order in one sitting, after a full basket of chips.  He then ordered fried ice cream for dessert.  Ohhhhhh my!


  1. I haven't had fajitas in a loooooong time, but I sure do like them, especially with a little sour cream inside. Sounds like you guys got a fantastic deal! I love it when I can make a meal out of leftovers; seems to justify going out to eat, instead of me cooking every night, in a way :-D

  2. Ohhhh, you nailed it on the head, Helena! Knowing we can get this much food to bring home IS justification for me not cooking every single night.

  3. they look wonderful! i recently enjoy taco bell's foods a lot. these are much better. for $20 that's a lot! great deal:-D

    1. Yun, if you like Taco Bell, you will LOVE authentic Mexican food! More spices and flavors, fresher vegetables.
      Are you Korean? I ask because I have Korean friends with the last name Yi. Have you had Korean BBQ? Fajitas are kind of like that - marinated meat, shrimp or fish is grilled to perfection, served on a sizzling skillet with fresh veggies. On the side is usually a plate of additional additional items like salsa, guacamole, beans, cheese, sour cream. Instead of lettuse leaves and kimchi, fajitas have these items stuffed in tortillas. Give it a try!

  4. Wow! That looks so good! I am almost tempted to stroll down to the "Mucho Mas" Mexican restaurant conveniently located across from my apartment complex. I seriously doubt they are quite as generous with their servings.

    1. probably not in LA, i'm guessing. I have two friends in LA who are in love with a few Mexican and Colombian places there.

  5. Haven't eaten Mexican food ever! But then I am sure many have not tasted Indian food either, nor are they going to do that ever. Let me assure you, it is addictive!

    I like the sight of the fajita, even though I can swallow neither pork nor shrimp. But hey, carry on Charlene!

    1. Umas, the standard fajita is usually a choice between chicken, steak or shrimp, or a combo of the two or three. I'm usually fine with a chicken and steak combo. First time I ever had one with pork and chorizo - a spicy Mexican pork sausage.

      Plus, being Indian, you may consider some Mexican food bland, or just spicy enough, while lots of us white folks over here prefer milder spice. Not us! We always let the server know that we aren't the typical gringos, load up on the spice, por favor!

      I've only had Indian food a few times and I really enjoy it. My husband loves it, and it's my brother's favorite type of cuisine.

      I especially like vindaloo and chicken curry. I like it meduim hot, Hubby and Brother can handle AUTHENTIC "Indian hot" they call it. I also like chicken tandori and love mango lassis.

      I bought a few spices to make some Indian cuisine here at home, but I'm a little nervous to try.

      I have sweet curry powder and garam masala. I also have cinnamon, cardamon and cumin if those are necessary. Oh, I have a can of coconut milk, too. If you have any suggestions how I can turn any or all this into a respectable Indian dish please let me know!

      That's too bad there are no Mexican restaurants in India. I'd go crazy. I have to have Mexican at least once every one or two weeks.

      I've been to Greece twice, one time for month. By the time I got home, I had the strongest craving for a burrito that I've ever had. There are plenty Burrito places here in the states, both locally owned and national chains like Chipolte. A burrito is a large, soft flour tortilla stuffed with your choice of ingredients: rice, beans, chicken, beef, pork, salsas ranging from mild to hot, cheese, etc, all rolled up into one tasty package. For those who don''t like tortillas or want to save a few calories, these places offer all of those toppings over rice in a bowl.

      I've thought in the past that opening a burrito stand in Greece would be a great business idea, now I'm thinking India would like one, too.

      Here's a link to Chipolte to give you more of a sense of a Burrito and beyond. Check out the INGREDIENTS tab as well.