Friday, May 17, 2013

Lotus Coffee Cookies and Biscoff Spread

These crispy little cookies are one of the small pleasures my husband and I have enjoyed on our scuba diving trips to Bonaire.  It's a tiny island part of the Dutch Caribbean, so of course there is a heavy Dutch influence in food, groceries and culture, and it's also very international, as over 60 countries are represented in permanent residency in a population of @ 17,000.

It's our favorite place on Earth for a number of reasons.  We love visiting part of his family who lives there and it has pristine, spectacular and easy diving.  We love that there are no traffic lights on the island (except for in front of the pizza place, and that's just for show).  Almost anywhere in the small town or on the coast you can grab a tasty coffee and you are guaranteed to get one of these next to your cup.

This tasty, crispy cookie is wonderful on its own or with a a quick dunk.  It's not too sweet but has a wonderful taste of cinnamon and you can taste the butter as it melts in your mouth.

On Crete, friends and I loved getting free small dishes of potato chips, pistachios or fruit along with a cocktail, or even just a soda.  On Cozumel, My husband, friends and I loved being served fresh salsa, pico de gallo or requested picante as soon as we were seated.  On Bonaire, we look forward to our coffee cookies.

We don't get to Bonaire as often as we'd like.  Fortunately we were there six months ago after a three year hiatus.  Having been there a few times, and not knowing when we can get there again, we managed to save four of them to take home.

Every tiny bit we nibbled on we imagined being in our favorite coffee bar watching the sun set of the salty turquoise water.

We were down to one (the one above), until my mom saved the day.

Mom lives near a wine and imported foods store.  She's smart - she goes on Saturday afternoons when they have free food and wine samples.

One afternoon they were showcasing Lotus Biscoff Spread as a tasty and nutritious alternative to peanut butter.

The representatives said that this was now the spread and cookie which is being served on Delta Airlines because they are nut-free.  The spread topped the oblong coffee cookies.  Mom said she wondered if these were the tiny treats we rave about upon our return.

I was elated when she told me about her discovery.  I asked if she could pick me up a package of the cookies.  I thought that if they weren't the same, it had to be close, and if not, when have I ever met a cookie I didn't like?  Mom said that I must try the spread, too, since she promised it was as good as the cookie.  Ok, Mom, twist my arm.

I saw her a few days ago, she presented me the sweet treasures and,,,, WOW!!!  The cookies taste the same as in Bonaire!

And, as for the Lotus Biscoff Spread - DOUBLE WOW!!!  It tastes exactly like the cinnamon-y, buttery, slightly sugary cookie.  It's almost like you are eating cookie dough, only much smoother, and much less fat, even less than peanut butter.  This spread is the perfect option for vegans or who have nut allergies.  It's also perfect for everyone else, too, in my opinion.

I can't wait to try these with some Nutella.  I'm guessing that a cookie with Biscoff and Nutella would send me over the edge, as Biscoff spread alone on the cookie or with my homemade strawberry jam has taken me to the cliff of "Can Anything be Better Mountain.


  1. A good friend of mine travels to Europe and Australia quite a bit...he has Delta Diamond Medallion status, and he is always posting pix of these cookies from the Crown Room and on the flight. At Christmas, my sister (who lives in Columbus, OH) went nuts over Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Spread, which is made with crushed ginger cookies ( OK, now, I"m hungry! :-D

  2. Ooooh, we have Trader Joe's here, as in Columbus (hey, how cool you have family in Ohio! perhaps there IS an Ohio tour for the band in the future!). Mom and I have to go hunting for that TJ cookie spread. Thanks for the info!

    That's cool that your Delta traveling pal also endorses this yummy stuff!

    Thanks for sharing, Kris!

  3. Have always been interested in the Dutch Caribbean,& the Dutch connection with the Spice Islands down this way.

    Love the cinnamon in Dutch cooking & will have a look out for these cookies; I'm sure they'll be here in Melbourne somewhere.

    Thanks Charlene.
    Cheers, ic

    1. Ian, if anyone would appreciate Bonaire, you would (I can see Kris and USp there, too). One of these days we may venture over to Curacao or Aruba, but divers and local friends we've come to know have asked us why? We didn't have a good answer. They've asked us if were were interested in loud, thumping dance clubs. No. Lots of casinos? No. Lots of nightlife? No. Lots of McDonalds, Burger King, etc? NO!

      There is however, a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and a Subway (large, fresh made to order deli sandwiches), but that's it as far as franchise rules go for the island.

      Because of the international influence, there are restaurants from every part of the globe: sushi (the owner is from Japan), Indian (the owner is from India), Peruvian (the owner is from Peru), Mexican, French (the owner is from Paris),,,,, you get what I'm saying. It's a foodie mecca. It's like visiting restaurants on Manhattan without the traffic.

  4. The Dutch Caribbean looks like just the place for me. And those cookies sound fabulous.

    1. Ou would do well there, I'm sure! And I'm almost positive you will love these cookies with a cup 'o Joe.

  5. Charlene, if I were younger, I'd have started daydreaming of Bonaire right away. But I am going to put it in my enormous list of places to visit before I die.

    Those pictures compliment your succinct prose.

  6. Charlene, I have never been to the Dutch Caribbean, it sounds lovely and the water is so beautiful! Great photos! The Lotus Biscoff spread and those cookies sound yummy!

  7. This stuff is delicious! I've actually found it at Big Lots in Stow/Kent before